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Home page of Bert van Beek (Dr. D.A. van Beek)


Sailing on the river MeuseI am employed as assistant professor (Universitair Docent) in the Systems Engineering Group of the Eindhoven University of Technology (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, since 1986) in The Netherlands.


My current research is oriented towards modeling, interactive simulation-based validation and visualization, supervisory control synthesis, verification, and real-time controller code-generation for hybrid industrial systems (for publications see the left sidebar frame). My PhD thesis was on exception handling in concurrent control systems.

I am member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems (TC 1.3), and member of some program committees (see below).

I currently participate in the following projects:

  • Development of CIF 3, with tools for supervisory control synthesis, verification, interactive simulation and visualization, model transformation, and (real-time) code generation.
    • CIF 3 is the successor of CIF 2. Its syntax and semantics have been much simplified with respect to CIF 2.
    • Compilation and execution speed have improved dramatically, and the language now natively incorporates event-based supervisory control synthesis support.
    • CIF 3 is also the intended successor of our complete existing supervisory control synthesis tool chain, including state-based supervisory control synthesis.
  • Development of methods, techniques and tools for model-driven supervisory control in industrial applications.


  • HYCON2 network of excellence, September 2010 - September 2014.
  • Development of the hybrid Chi formalism and simulator.
  • Two EU ICT FP7 European projects on networked embedded and control systems - control of large-scale complex distributed systems:
    • C4C, May 2008 - September 2011.
    • Multiform, September 2008 - June 2012.
  • Participation in the Darwin project, the aim of which was to improve system evolvability. It was a consortium of industrial and academic partners with Philips Medical Systems (MRI scanner division) as carrying industrial partner.
  • Participation in the ITEA 05004 Twins project, part of the European EUREKA cluster program ITEA 2, that addresses co-design problems of product development consisting of integrated hard- and software development.
  • Associate editor of SIMULATION: Transactions of the SCS 2001 - 2008.
  • Member of the executive committee of the HYCON network of excellence.
  • Participation in HYCON, work package 3: Tool Integration.

Invited presentations


  • 4C390 Performance analysis of embedded systems
  • 4C650 Analysis of hybrid systems

Committee memberships

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