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Software on SESTUD-xx systems

All new image installations will be Windows 7 only. CentOS can be installed optionally afterwards. This is done because most of our students do not use this Linux environment at all, and it makes changes/additions to the Windows image easier to perform.

Want different/additional software?

If you have any suggestions for the software list below, just email me, and I'll see what can be done….

Installed W7 software (not complete yet)

Package Source
Windows 7 Obviously…
Adobe Flah Player
Adobe Photoshop Elements TU/e
Adobe Acrobat TU/e
Cute PDF Writer TU/e
Groot polytechnisch woordenboek N-E-D-F TU/e
Ipe + W7 dependancies or
Java Development Kit (JDK)
KeePass Classic - Password safe
Mathematica TU/e
MathType TU/e
Matlab/Simulink TU/e
McAfee VirusScan TU/e
Microsoft Office Pro TU/e
Microsoft Synctoy
Microsoft Visio TU/e
MikTex TU/e
Mozilla Firefox
SSH Secure Shell TU/e
Tortoise SVN
Van Dale Grote woordenboeken N-E-D-F TU/e
VLC media player
7Zip TU/e

Printer drivers, links to Dictionaries, etc

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