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 +====== Chi Cookbook ======
 +'​Monkey see is monkey do'
 +To learn about the way to create good quality chi models it is always a good idea to take a closer look at the way(s) other people tackle problems modeling in Chi. That is why we have created this '​cookbook'​ with examples of how to code/model specific problems.
 +Feel free to add your own quality examples of converting a problem into a suitable chi model.
 +The Chi Cookbook offers examples and solutions for Chi, a language based on process algebra. Recipes range from simple specifications to the more complex. Every recipe contains a documented code sample showing you how to solve the specific problem and a discussion of alternatives,​ limitations,​ and other considerations where appropriate.
 +  * [[cookbook:​buffers|Buffers]]
 +  * [[cookbook:​transporters|Transporters and carrousels]]
 +  * [[cookbook:​nondeterminism|Non-determinism]]
 +  * [[cookbook:​measuring|Performance measuring]]
 +  * [[cookbook:​recursion|McCarthy 91 function]]
 +  * [[cookbook:​folding|Folding of lists and sets]]
 +  * [[cookbook:​EPT|EPT of Multiple machine workstation]]
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